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Warm Day - johnno56 - 02-04-2024

Well, it has taken until 4th of February, for us to get what I call a warm Melbourne summer's day... A very nice 38C... at last... It is rare that we get hot days, 45C+, but it does happen... How warm does it get for other Forum members?

(Well, the forum IS listed as "Everything Else"... I suppose the weather would be included in that category... Moo Ha Ha Ha)

RE: Warm Day - Marcus - 02-04-2024

Slightly above 0°C here in Sweden, still winter Sad

RE: Warm Day - johnno56 - 02-05-2024

It's pretty rare for our temperature to drop 'that' low in winter, but it has happened... The last time it snowed in Melbourne was July of 1986 but it almost melted as soon as it hit the ground.... But zero is a little too cold for me... lol

RE: Warm Day - 1micha.elok - 02-05-2024

Our world is unique, one earth but it has opposite weather between the northern and southern hemisphere  Big Grin
Sometimes, I just entertain myself with "the falling snow" code below ... 

' Sources :
' The falling snow is inspired from the moving stars in Blastemroids (Naalaa 6) by Marcus

w = 640
h = 300

snow            = []
hill            = []           
myfont          = []

set window "Snow",w,h,false
set redraw off

'initial value
snow.dx         = 0
snow.dy         = 0
snow.img        = 0
myfont.img      = 0
myfont.size     = 50

'create a snow image from ellipses
create image snow.img, w,h
set image snow.img
set color 100,100, 100 'gray background
for i = 0 to 500
    snow.radius = rnd(4)
    set color 255, 255, 255, rnd(256)
    draw ellipse rnd(w),rnd(h),snow.radius,snow.radius,1
set image primary

'load assets     
hill.img    = loadimage ("data_snow/landscape.png")
myfont.img  = createfont("Arial", myfont.size, 0,0,0,0)'name,size,bold,italic,underlined,smoothed

    set color 0,0,0;cls; set color 255,255,255'white
    'snow movement 1 pixel at a time diagonally, use 4 images as continuity
    snow.dx = (snow.dx + 1)%w
    snow.dy = (snow.dy + 1)%h
    draw image snow.img, -w + snow.dx    , snow.dy
    draw image snow.img,  0 + snow.dx    , snow.dy
    draw image snow.img, -w + snow.dx    , snow.dy - h
    draw image snow.img,  0 + snow.dx    , snow.dy - h
    'draw a static hill
    draw image hill.img,0,(0.625*h)
    set font myfont.img; set caret w/2,50; center "It's snowy..."

    wait 10
until keydown(KEY_ESCAPE)

RE: Warm Day - johnno56 - 02-05-2024

Very "cool"... Nice job!

RE: Warm Day - Tomaaz - 02-05-2024

8°C, windy and rainy in Scotland.

RE: Warm Day - johnno56 - 02-05-2024

8 degrees is a little "fresh" but not too bad.... Wind and rain are old friends... Plenty of that in Melbourne during Winter/Spring...

RE: Warm Day - Tomaaz - 02-05-2024

Do you want to swap? I'm gonna give you the Scottish weather and take the Australian in return. Big Grin

RE: Warm Day - Marcus - 02-06-2024

I really, really want to visit Scotland one day though. And Iceland and France.

Edit I suffer from severe arachnophobia and probably wouldn't last a minute in Australia Smile

RE: Warm Day - Tomaaz - 02-07-2024

New York and Japan are on top of my list of travelling destinations, but they would have to wait for me for another couple of years. Smile