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My N6
Wayland. Good point. There are only a few Linux distros that use Wayland 'by default'. Linux Mint (cinnamon) 21.3 will be experimenting with Wayland this year. I am currently running with 21.2

If memory serves correctly, and there is a strong chance that it does not, Wayland primarily deals with graphics. Replacing Xorg/X11 graphics server... I would not be surprised if Wayland will also control keyboard input.

Even though I use LM v21.2, I have just entered a simple system search, to find that Wayland protocols have indeed been installed... yeah... 'protocols' include not just graphics... keyboard as well...

I would hold off searching for the old N6.deb file... lol Looks like I am going to get some practice in N6 to N7 conversions... The simple stuff... lol

Appreciate your help with this one.... R.I.P. N6... *sigh*
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