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problems with collisions in pong
(01-25-2024, 08:59 PM)aliensoldier Wrote: I have updated the code of the ball and the player cpu, in the ball we have get_player_cpu(), and in the cpu we have get_ball(). With this I have recreated the error that I get with a more complete code

I have to make it short, because I gotta go to bed Smile

player.n7, ball.n7 and player-cpu.n7 is not where you should implement get_player, get_ball and get_player_cpu. Nor should you in these file store any objects that are used in the game. For example, player.n7 should only look like this:


function Player()
    player = []
    player.Width = 20
    player.Height = 100
    player.x = 32 - player.Width/2
    player.y = 240 - player.Height/2
    player.speed = 5 = true
    player.update = function()
        if = true
    player.Draw = function()
        if = true
            set color 255,0,205
            draw rect this.x,this.y,this.Width,this.Height,true
    player.move = function()
        if keydown(KEY_UP,false) and this.y > 16
            this.y = this.y - this.speed
        elseif keydown(KEY_DOWN,false) and this.y < 370
            this.y = this.y + this.speed
    return player

ball.n7 should look like this:

include "player.n7"
include "miscellaneous.n7"

' Marcus, use the getter when needed instead. ball.n7 should just be the implementation for a ball.
'visible player = get_player()

function Ball()
    ball = []
    ball.Width = 16
    ball.Height = 16
    ball.x = 320 - ball.Width / 2
    ball.y = 240 - ball.Height / 2
    ball.speedX = 2
    ball.speedY = 2 = true
    ball.update = function()
        if = true
    ball.Draw = function()
        if = true
            set  color 200,200,200
            draw rect this.x,this.y,this.Width,this.Height,true
            'draw ellipse this.x,this.y,9,9,true
    ball.move = function()
        this.x = this.x + this.speedX
        this.y = this.y + this.speedY
    ball.bounce = function()
        if this.x <= 0 or this.x >= 640
            this.speedX = this.speedX * -1
        if this.y <= 0 or this.y >= 480
            this.speedY = this.speedY * -1
    ball.collision_player = function()
        'colision con la x
        'if collision_rect(this.x+this.speedX,this.y,this.Width,this.Height,player.x,player.y,player.Width,player.Height)
        '    this.speedX = this.speedX * -1
        'colision con la y
        'if collision_rect(this.x,this.y+this.speedY,this.Width,this.Height,player.x,player.y,player.Width,player.Height)
        '    this.speedY = this.speedY * -1
        ' Marcus.
        player = get_player()
        ' Check if they overlap.
        if collision_rect(this.x,this.y,this.Width,this.Height,player.x,player.y,player.Width,player.Height)
            ' Calculate delta x and delta y, between the center of the ball and the center of the
            ' paddle. Divide the delta x value width the width of the paddle and delta y with the
            ' height of the paddle to normalize them (make comparison valid).
            dx = (this.x + this.Width/2 - (player.x + player.Width/2))/player.Width
            dy = (this.y + this.Height/2 - (player.y + player.Height/2))/player.Height
            ' If dx is higher, it means that there's less overlapping along the x-axis. In that
            ' case bounce left or right.
            if |dx| >= |dy|
                ' dx < 0, ball should bounce to the left, and we also move the ball to the left so
                ' that there's no longer any collision.
                if dx < 0
                    this.speedX = -|this.speedX|
                    this.x = player.x - this.Width              
                ' dx > 0, ball should bounce to the right, and move the ball to the right of the
                ' paddle.
                    this.speedX = |this.speedX|
                    this.x = player.x + player.Width
            ' dy is higher, same principle as for dx :)
                if dy < 0
                    this.speedY = -|this.speedY|
                    this.y = player.y - this.Height
                    this.speedY = |this.speedY|
                    this.y = player.y + player.Height

    return ball

It is in pong.n7 that you call Player(), Ball() etc to create the actual game objects. Therefor it is in pong.n7 that you should implement get_player, get_ball and get_player_cpu, because it is pong.n7 that owns and manages these objects.

include "player.n7"
include "player-cpu.n7"
include "ball.n7"

' Marcus, objects and getters. This file is the owner of the sprites, so this is where the getters
' belong.
visible player, player_cpu, ball
function get_player(); return player; endfunc
function get_player_cpu(); return player_cpu; endfunc
function get_ball(); return ball; endfunc

set window "example pong",640,480,false
set redraw off

player = Player()
player_cpu = Player_Cpu()
ball = Ball()

while not keydown(KEY_ESCAPE,true)
    set color 0,0,0
    'lineas para el fondo------------------
    'draw rect 320,32,2,60,true
    'draw rect 320,120,2,60,true
    'draw rect 320,210,2,60,true
    'draw rect 320,300,2,60,true
    'draw rect 320,390,2,60,true
    'draw line 320,32,320,460
    'draw line 330,32,330,460
    fwait 60

The error you see should disappear if you do it like this. The problem in your code now is that when this line executes in player-cpu.n7:

visible ball = get_ball()

the ball hasn't even been created yet. So when you use that visible ball variable in your cpu update function things go very wrong. You shouldn't store the ball as a visible variable in player-cpu.n7 at all. Rather call get_ball() (implemented in pong.n7) in the player cpu update function.

Or why not just pass the ball as a parameter to player.update and player_cpu.update?

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