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I walked to the store and back and did some more thinking on the subject.

You could probably never use the SFX library to create, let's say, a piano tone. Because a piano tone contains lots of overtones and subtones. That is, a piano tone isn't a single sine wave. You would need to add several layers of sine waves with double (and double double, can't find the word, and so on) the frequency, and half (and half half ...) the frequency, all of these at much lower volume. And then there's the thing called "attack, sustain, release and decay", but that you could probably control with the 'vol' array.

Hm, maybe you could just call SFX.SineWaveData to get data for the main tone and all the over- and subtones and add them together into a new array and then send that array to 'createsound'.
   I think I've got to try this, to create the sound of a piano, when I get the time Big Grin

Sorry for rambling.

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