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N6 Lander
With all this discussion about Lunar Lander stuff, why not go back to the source, and recreate the original N6 Lander using N7?

Warning: Docking can be a little flaky and keep your eye on that fuel level...

.zip (Size: 6.76 KB / Downloads: 6)

ps: Look familiar, Marcus? Wink
Logic is the beginning of wisdom.
Docking is successful....

click the image to zoom in
When I wrote that one, I tried to re-create a game that I played on a console when I was a child.

I just did some googling to figure out what console it might have been. Because it had another game that was frikkin awesome. I found the console and the game:

Now THAT'S a game I'd like to rewrite in n7 Smile
Wow... Odyssey! 1972! Cool... Pick Axe Pete... Had not heard of it before... Not a surprise as I have never owned a console... lol Got to love the simplicity of the early games... So cool... When will we see an Alpha version? Moo Ha Ha Ha...
Logic is the beginning of wisdom.

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