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Off the air...
I will be "off the air" from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon. Off on our annual camping break... yah... (not a fan of camping lol) Forecast temperatures for Saturday 39C, Sunday and Monday 38C... The "big three" camping issues... Flies; mosquitoes and Sunburn... I suppose it would be worse if it was hot...

Have a great weekend guys!

Logic is the beginning of wisdom.
Going away myself, youngest daughter participating in a gymnastics competition in Stockholm this weekend. Happy camping!
Have a good weekend
I was of air for a couple of weeks. Decided to upgrade my system and clean/reorganize my backup. Still don't have wine installed (NaaLaa is the only program I run under wine and I wish NaaLaa was a little more general programming language). Now, I run Sparky based on newer Debian. Unfortunately, my laptop is slowly aproaching its end of life. While coding and browsing the web is kind of OK, Gimp is extremely slow and crashes frequently. Sad
Gimp seems to be a bit slow with older machines. On a Windows machine it needs at least 4gb ram but recommends 16gb. I used to run Naalaa 6 (linux version) but when Naalaa 7 came out I had to switch to Wine. So far no problems with N7 and Wine... fingers crossed... lol
Logic is the beginning of wisdom.
It seems that the problem is with Linux itself and not with Gimp. From time to time the whole system is a bit sluggish after booting, but all I need to do is to restart it. Everything runs much smoother and Gimp is perfectly usable. Strange... Anyway, I've got Wine installed now and NaaLaa seems to be working fine. Smile

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