NaaLaa 6

"NaaLaa is ideal for developing

retro games using an easy to learn programming language."




NaaLaa stands for 'Not An Advanced Language At All'. It's a very easy to learn programming language for beginners interested in retro style game development. NaaLaa is free to use and you may do whatever you want with the programs you create with it. As it is, NaaLaa only runs on and compiles for Windows desktop.

Laterst news


2014-11-07: NaaLaa 6 v0.9.5 released, containing Box2D and BASS extensions, some new libraries, commands and bug fixes.



NaaLaa was originally developed by Marcus Johansson (The Creator). From version 6 it's being developed by John Master.


You can contact John via email, visit NaaLaa's Facebook page or post on the forum.




The NaaLaa package cotains the compiler, a source code editor, full documentation and lots of examples, including complete games.


Download version 0.9.5 of NaaLaa 6.

Download NaaLaa 5.